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STEWARD Founder Fred Tausch Responded to U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen's Call for Fiscal Discipline via the New "Red Hampshire" Conservative Blog


Among the most amazing phenomena in American politics today is the continued belief by our elected leaders’ that we the people cannot read through their rhetoric in order to understand the straight facts.

Take, for example, Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s Op-Ed in today’s New Hampshire Union Leader. Rarely have I seen a clearer example of a politician’s words not matching her deeds.

Despite supporting a nearly trillion-dollar “stimulus” bill financed exclusively through deficit spending, despite voting for a bloated omnibus spending bill stuffed with almost 9,000 earmarks, and despite agreeing to a $3.4 trillion budget reconciliation bill – the largest in U.S. history – Sen. Shaheen says “we need to get back on the path to a balanced budget.”

A good first step on that path might have been to simply say “no” to at least a portion of the unprecedented growth in government over just the past hundred-or-so days.

If Rep. Paul Hodes has his way, he’ll join Shaheen in the U.S. Senate after the 2010 election. The very thought should make every taxpayer cringe.

Like Shaheen, Hodes supported the entire spending binge undertaken by the politicians in Washington. Is this the same man who, as a candidate for Congress, said, “I would be an advocate for fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets?”

The same man who said, “The American people understand we cannot pursue a borrow-and-spend fiscal policy?”

The same man who said, “We must rein in government spending, reduce the size of the government workforce, re-invent and consolidate government programs and agencies, reduce corporate welfare and roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans?”

A few weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of Americans, and thousands of Granite Staters protested the reckless spending in Washington by holding “Tea Parties.” That ought to have put the politicians on notice that the people are no longer listening only to their words but also following their actions closely. And when the words and the deeds don’t square, it only serves to anger the public.


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