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STEWARD's Most Recent Recruitment Effort Featured in Kevin's Landrigan's Nashua Telegraph Column Today

The fiscally conservative STEWARD group sent out another mailing this weekend, slamming the Obama administration for the flyover of the New York City skyline last month that caused some near the scene of the Sept. 11 attacks to react with horror.

"People feared they were under attack. In a way, they were,'' the mailer reads.

STEWARD founder Fred Tausch of Nashua spoke to the Hillsborough County GOP Committee in Brookline on Saturday.

"We've been very encouraged by the response from citizens as Fred has made his way across the state,'' said Erin Abell, STEWARD's executive director. "The people of New Hampshire want a voice, and we will give that voice to them by aggressively recruiting supporters of STEWARD.''

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View the latest mailer Kevin Landrigan is referencing by clicking the item marked "File" below.


File: Steward_FightBack_FINAL.pdf

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